How Solar Works

    Why go Solar?

    There are a number of benefits of going SOLAR

    • Reduce your carbon footprint
    • SAVES YOU MONEY – every day
    • Reduces the effect of future power rises
    • Helps save the environment
    • Increases value of your property



    How Solar Works

    The Solar Array captures the suns rays and converts them into ‘DC’ electricity which is then fed into the Inverter. 
    The Inverter converts the DC electricity from the Solar Array to AC electricity (normal power). This power will first be used by your household with the excess fed into the grid and recorded as a feed in tariff. 

    The Import/Export Meter will record any excess power not used by your household and fed back into the grid. This power is what you get paid the feed-in tariff on.
    NOTE: scroll through the readings on the meter : number 3 is normal usage and number 9 is feed-in usage

    Any excess power will be fed back into the grid ( ETSA ) 


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